The Awareness Center in Mexico is part of the David Hoffmeister community and Living Miracles Center and is home to a committed group of people who are devoted to a common purpose – to clear the mind of all obstacles to the awareness of  Love’s presence. We live a simple life embracing the principles of mindfulness, devotion and service. 

profilepic_david1 David Hoffmeister 
David is known around the world for his joyful presence and clear, uncompromising teachings. Truth pours through effortlessly, answering the deepest questions in a profound and practical way. He is a living demonstration of the fact that life without unhappiness, stress, and worry is not only possible, but inevitable to those who are willing to apply these teachings. His journey involved the study of many spiritual pathways culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles (published by the Foundation for Inner Peace). David’s life is a living demonstration of the Awakened mind. For those who hope that enlightenment in this lifetime is possible, David is pure inspiration. His gentle demeanor and articulate non-compromising expression touch all who listen

David is the inspiration for this community and is occasionally in residence here at the Center.

profilepic_lisaLisa Fair
Lisa is a vibrant healer and former nurse, CEO, and President of Abundant Nursing Staffing Company. As one of our teachers at the Tabula Rasa Mystery School, Lisa extends from an inspired and creative state of mind. She has also delved deeply into the study of quantum physics.

As a scholar of A Course in Miracles, Lisa has traveled the globe teaching the non-dual, practical steps to waking up from the dream of separation. Her own healing is a living demonstration of the miraculous. For Lisa, the mystery of our true Self is the most exciting discovery which allows us to burst into a life of ever new wonderment as we merge with the forever Unknowable.

Lisa has immersed herself into divine mysticism and esoteric traditions, discovering her own pure Self as love. Through sharing many uplifting parables of her own journey, Lisa demonstrates that miracles are our birthright and are very natural. She heals by reminding the students of the power of our minds and the gifts of forgiveness and mindfulness. Lisa supports our students to gently open the mind by facilitating a safe, non-judgmental healing embrace. Her only desire is to support this Great Awakening!


Dr. Karen Gonzalez – Medical Director
Dr. Karen Gonzalez has a medical degree from the University of Guadalajara and has worked as a physician at the Mexican American Hospital and the Terranova Hospital in Guadalajara. She currently has a private practice in Ajijic. As Medical Director for the Awareness Clínica, she sees the importance of combining the treatment of both the body and the mind to restore balance and equilibrium. She is inspired to put her medical knowledge and experience to work in a setting that addresses all aspects of personal wellbeing.

Laverne Sheppard – Massage Therapist
Laverne is a US-certified massage therapist with vast clinical experience. She works intuitively combining elements from the following modalities, tailoring the session to your individual needs:

  • Swedish/Esalen Massage employing a variety of techniques designed to relax you while increasing oxygen in the body and removing toxins from the muscles
  • Deep Tissue Massage combines compression, extension, movement and breathing for pain relief
  • Shiatsu finger pressure on the body’s vital points to help balance the meridian systems
  • Reflexology uses pressure-point massage on the feet to relax and to relieve pain and stress

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