Deepen in awareness of your heart’s desire and allow the mind to be restored to its natural state of peace. We offer engaging and effective tools to help relax your whole being. Select treatments from our qualified practitioners to create your own personal rejuvenation retreat package.

Spiritual Counseling

Healing is a journey of heart and mind. We have practitioners available who have been walking this path for many years who can help you to explore more deeply your heart and mind in an environment of acceptance, support, and guidance. We also offer sessions to gently facilitate deep self-inquiry for identification and release of false concepts and beliefs. We work intuitively with you in an experiential way to come to a present moment experience of expansion, healing, and peace.

Guided Movie Watching Sessions

We use movies at the center to bring up unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are blocking present peace. Our vast library of spiritual movies is indexed by emotion and metaphysical themes to specifically address what you are ready to heal. Once a movie is selected, an experienced practitioner will join you in watching the movie and in helping you process any upsets that may be surfacing. We can also show you how to continue healing your mind with movies once you return home.


Therapeutic massage is available during your stay to help you unwind from stress and tension in the body and to deepen in the experience of relaxation and calmness. Your session will be tailored to your individual needs by combining elements of Swedish massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Myofascial Release by an on-site U.S.-certified massage therapist. The variety of techniques she intuitively employs during a session will help you to still the mind and experience present peace.

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