How does co-living differ from staying in the Living Miracles community?

The Living Miracles community are housed at a sister property 15 minutes drive away. Community members’ days are very focused and structured, collaborating on community projects is their main daily activity.

For those that live in co-living are not asked to adhere to a Living Miracles community structure. Instead, they can spend their days based on their own priorities and inspirations. Some may want to focus on personal projects, while others may want to enjoy a relaxed and slow paced lifestyle. Co-living residents can come together and organize their own activities as inspired.

If you would like to learn more about this experience and meet others who are already in co-living  we encourage you to join our Facebook group


What are the ways to be involved with the Living Miracles community?

Our community may hold monthly weekend online retreats, and those co-living at La Casa or in Quinta del Sol can participate in these retreats. Co-living residents may invite Living Miracles members to come and facilitate movie gatherings or discussions. There are also many opportunities to collaborate with Living Miracles on projects.


Are there any precautions being taken in your community related to COVID-19?

Most airlines are now requiring a COVID Molecular Test (also known as a “viral test) to be taken within 72 hours of travel, and to present a negative result to the airline before flying. As part of our own guidance, we too are now making this requirement for anyone coming to our community. Therefore, whether you plan to fly here or drive, you will need to have a COVID Molecular Test taken 1-3 days prior to travel and to send us (by email or text) proof of a negative result before you arrive. If you have any questions or considerations about this, please contact us. 

All of us in the Living Miracles community are honoring and following the laws given by the Governor of Jalisco regarding COVID-19. We ask you to also please respect and follow these laws (like wearing a mask when in public and using hand sanitizer before entering any store) as a symbol of honoring the requests of your brother. As Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

Currently, we are advised to stay home, and to only go out for essential activities such as buying groceries. We are also required to wear a mask at all times while outside the house. Also, since cases continue to rise in Mexico, there is still a possibility that the Governor will order a “lockdown”. Be advised that if this occurs during your stay here, it would last 14-days, and only grocery shops and pharmacies would be open.

We are also encouraging you to follow these general guidelines during your stay in our community:

  • Basic social distancing 
  • Using hand sanitizer in common areas, including bathrooms. 
  • Keeping surfaces clean and wiped with antibacterial cleaner. 
  • Using antibacterial soap in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Washing your hands upon returning to the property after an outing.

Are there any other ACIM students in the area?

Yes, there are Course students living in Chapala and the neighboring town of Ajijic. You can visit the Facebook page ACIM Life in Lake Chapala to introduce yourself and make connections.

Will I be able to extend my stay?

If you want to extend your stay once you have arrived, you can do so by re-applying on this website for the room/month(s) you’d like to rent.

Is there public transport available?

Yes, we are 10 minutes walk from the main road where buses can transport you through Chapala, or to neighboring towns like Ajijic, also into the city of Guadalajara. Taxis are also easily available with a phone call, and inexpensive. 

What kind of rental term do you offer? 

You can rent your room for a minimum of 1 month, and a maximum of 6 months at a time. Room rental is on a month-to-month basis starting on the first of each month. An added benefit is available if you book for 3 months or more, which is free access to our Mystical Mind Training Programduring your stay. 

How long can I stay in Mexico for?

If you enter Mexico on a standard tourist visa from the USA, then a maximum stay of 6 months is usually available (please check for your own country of origin), and at the end of this time you will need to leave the country to be able to return and renew your visa.

Are there any pets on site? Can I bring my pet?

We have a small dog (Benito) and a cat (Zion). Benito is very cheerful and friendly around people and Zion is more quiet. We have received many questions around guests bringing their own pets. In an effort to maintain the tranquil nature of the property, we are not able to accommodate many animals. Therefore, we encourage guests not to bring pets.

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