Internship Program


“Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world.” ~A Course in Miracles

You are about to embark on an exciting journey where you will learn and practice how to live A Course in Miracles. Our team at La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico is now offering an Internship Program for those with a deep calling to serve and volunteer in our community as a means of practicing forgiveness.  It is for those who truly want to apply the Course on a deeper level and apply it to all their everyday activities. Ultimately, it is a wonderful collaboration with your brothers and sisters to open to the Holy Spirit and allow the miracle to lead the way in all that we do! 

An intern is one that feels called to go inward to join with other like minded brothers. Hence, it is fitting that the word “intern” can also be pronounced “in turn”, for it is this turning inward for the Holy Spirit’s Vision and guidance that is our true vocation! 

An intern comes to learn to listen and follow in an attitude of giving. This singular goal is held out in front as the guiding light for all that we do. Our mind set is always “I am here only to be truly helpful.” Through learning to give as God gives we will join in a collaborative, joyful, loving experience and learn through happy lessons. 

“If you would be a happy learner, you must give everything you have learned to the Holy Spirit, to be unlearned for you. And then begin to learn the joyous lessons that come quickly on the firm foundation that truth is true.” (ACIM, T-14.II.6) 

If you are interested in learning more about our Internship Program, please read all the information below. If you feel that this resonates with your heart and you feel called to join with us in this deep purpose, please fill out the application form. We will then reach out for an interview as opportunities become available.*

*Please understand that opportunities to join our Internship Program are limited due to the number of applications we receive. We review our applicants periodically, and reach out only as positions become available.

Supporting our Programs

For many years, La Casa de Milagros has been used for prayer stays, spiritual retreats, and for those wanting to volunteer as a means of experiencing the Love of God. More recently, we’ve been guided to start using La Casa for three new programs:

  1. A quarterly, 6-week Tabula Rasa Mystery School, which offer a unique curriculum for students of A Course in Miracles wanting to deepen their understanding of its principles.
  2. Prayer Stay Program for guests wanting to come to La Casa for a short-term period of prayer and contemplation. These Prayer Stay periods will occur in between each quarterly Mystery School, allowing guests to reserve a stay for anywhere from a single day up to five weeks, depending on availability.
  3. An Internship Program-for those wanting to experience a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit through prayer, listening and following guidance in everything that we do.

Our Internship Program is our most advanced program for those who are willing and ready to immerse very deeply in a curriculum of mind-training and forgiveness. Those who are accepted as interns become part of our La Casa Staff Team in support of our other two programs.

Our staff team is to joyfully take on the running and upkeep of the house. This includes food preparation, kitchen and administrative tasks, event preparation, gardening, grounds maintenance, and whatever else may be helpful. The team works closely together in joining on all tasks and learning to be in the flow of the Holy Spirit to enable all events to run smoothly.

What will my day look like?

Each day will be different depending on what’s needed, but generally, the schedule will be as follows:

Everyone gets up by 7:00 a.m. for silent prayer and meditation. This is a chance to do your workbook lesson/meditate in the beautiful grounds of La Casa, to have breakfast if desired, and to spend time with the Holy Spirit. This may be done individually or with the group, but we generally have a guideline of remaining in devotional silence for the first part of our morning.

Then, generally between 8 and 9 a.m., all the interns will have a morning meeting with their house leader to pray about the day. We start this meeting in silence, opening up to the Divine and allowing the Spirit to show us the way. The house leader will then guide the meeting so that everyone can be clear on what the tasks and projects for the morning will be. This may also be a time for expressing thoughts and emotions if the house leader feels it is needed.

After the morning meeting, everyone will move into the day. This time is for joyful joinings on specific projects such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, event set up, shopping, preparing rooms for guests, etc.. 

We generally come together as a team for lunch. This is another time for us to be together, pray, express any emotions or miracles we experienced. Other times, it may be a silent lunch, or we may simply listen to some music or audios with teachings from the Course. After lunch, the interns will clean-up the kitchen, and then there is generally a period given for prayer, meditation, and rest.

The rest of the afternoon will generally be for continuing with projects and tasks that support the Mystery School or whatever is needed on the property. Evenings often include spontaneous joinings with a house leader and other interns, coming together to watch a movie and/or relaxing with meditative music.

Note that the above is just a rough schedule that may change day-to-day, depending on what’s truly needed and on spontaneous guidance that we’re always in prayer for. During the Mystery School it will generally be more tightly scheduled, with very full, joyful days, and this will be a time of huge expansion and spiritual development! Our Mystery Schools are quite spontaneous so the ability to be flexible and supportive will be greatly appreciated.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

You will be sleeping in either a men’s or women’s dormitory. These can be very healing times in sharing a room with others. You will be expected to keep your personal bed space clean and tidy, and to collaborate with your companions to clean the room on a regular basis.

How long does the Internship Program last?

We require new interns to make a minimum 3-month commitment. Your Internship Program will generally start within a week after one of our quarterly Mystery Schools has just ended (see Mystery School dates here), and will last until at least one week after the following Mystery School to help us clean up and train the next wave of interns. The exact dates of your program will be discussed on a call once you’ve been accepted into the program.

After your Internship Program is underway, if you decide you’d like to stay longer than your original commitment, please share this with the Internship Program Overseer. He or she will then join with you to pray about this possibility.

NOTE: While we require a minimum 3-month commitment, please be advised that we consider the first 4 weeks of your Internship Program as a trial period.

What is the cost?

The Internship Program is $1,000 per month.* This includes:

  1. Mind training and prayer support through group and private sessions with the Program House leaders
  2. Daily expression sessions
  3. Food and accommodation
  4. Free access to:
    • David Hoffmeister’s weekly, online movie workshops each Saturday
    • Monthly online retreats
    • Spontaneous gatherings and events before and during the Mystery School

*We do offer scholarship programs for those who are eligible. To determine eligibility, you will need to provide two recent bank statements. There is a space for this in our application that you’ll fill out below.

If you have further questions, you can check our FAQ page. There is also a space in the application where you can write down any additional questions you may have.

Click the button below to start your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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