Prayer Stays

PLEASE READ: Thank you for your interest in our Prayer Stay program at La Casa de Milagros. At this time we are not taking applications, as the property is being used exclusively for our Internship Program. If you’d like to get involved in our community, the best way to do so is by participating in our events and programs. We offer several avenues for you to engage with us, such as attending our Improv Online Revivals or joining the Tribe of Christ Online Community (visit to learn more about both). These platforms provide opportunities to connect with others in the community, share experiences, and deepen in your practice with the Course. Additionally, you can consider volunteering remotely or even applying for the Internship Program if you’re interested in AI technology and want to contribute to the community.

Remember, you’re always welcome in our heart! 🌿💖✨

“The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built to come inside and shine upon the barren ground.  See how life springs up everywhere! The desert becomes a garden, green and deep and quiet, offering rest to those who lost their way and wander in the dust. Give them a place of refuge, prepared by love for them where once a desert was. And everyone you welcome will bring love with him from Heaven for you.  They enter one by one into this holy place, but they will not depart as they had come, alone. The love they brought with them will stay with them, as it will stay with you.  And under its beneficence your little garden will expand, and reach out to everyone who thirsts for living water, but has grown too weary to go on alone.”

~A Course in Miracles (T-18.VIII.9)

The grass is pushing through the soil, the trees are budding now, and birds have come to live within their branches. Earth is being born again in new perspective.


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