Quantum Mysticism

We are inspired by mysticism and the ideas of quantum physics. Our days are not planned, but spontaneously unfold. There is a stillness here which allows the mind to settle into contemplation and remember our divine nature.

These writings by David Hoffmeister on Mysticism, Quantum Forgiveness, and Self-Realization give a flavor of what we are all about and they point to the experience that all of our activities are aimed at.


mysticismThe life of Mysticism is one of devotion and reverence to God and therefore to all. It is a discipline of mind, of training the mind to hear and follow only the Voice for God. The goal is everlasting peace of mind and the humor, gentleness, happiness, freedom, and joy that flow from such a State of Mind.

The life of Mysticism is as spontaneous and playful as it is serene and tranquil. Alive and energized by the living moment, the need for rituals and rules and structures falls away from the mind. Mysticism learns mastery through love and compassion and kindness; every day is like a painting full of opportunities to extend the Love of God.

Mysticism is not ruled by fear of consequences. The Law of Love reigns supreme in the Divine Mind, and there is no other. Love is without opposite, and this spiritual fact is finally approached and accepted without exception or compromise. In the Awakening it becomes clear that doubt is impossible.

Willingness to humbly accept oneself as a Child of God, created perfect in the likeness of God, grows and grows with each Holy Instant. The world of idols loses all of its former attraction as the Heavenly light enfolds the heart of the mystic. When such vastness and magnitude become apparent, there is need of nothing else.

Meditation on the Divine is at first a practice, then a continuous living experience, until it finally yields to an eternally blissful and completely unalterable State of Being. Such is the State of Grace.

To move in the direction of this State of Absolute Being, the desires of the world of multiplicity must fall away. Miracles lead the way, for the way of the true mystic is approach to God through attraction, not through avoidance or opposition. As error is seen as false and without a real cause, its foundation disappears in the light of truth. Perfect love casts out fear, for belief has been withdrawn and replaced by the Knowledge of Life in God. There is no battle to be fought, only a gentle awakening to the truth of what always was and always will be so.

All things are accepted exactly as they are, for that which is eternal is unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable. It is understood that no arrangement of circumstances and no amount of gain or personal improvement is necessary to attain the peace and happiness that is available now. Only a yielding to truth, a surrender of the belief in illusions, a stepping back and putting full trust in God is required. This is no sacrifice. It is the giving up of nothing for the remembrance of Everything. Joy has no cost, for Love is without an opposite.

Mysticism is finally yielding to Absolute Happiness in God and Self. Only the Mind which knows “I and the Father are One” knows Absolute Happiness.

David Hoffmeister
Excerpt from the book Awakening through A Course in Miracles

Quantum Forgiveness

quantum_forgivenessI have always been interested in working with A Course in Miracles and with the ideas of quantum physics. It dawned on me that when we talk about going into the quantum field and talk about true forgiveness, or that beautiful state of non-judgment, we are talking about the same thing. Mystics and saints, and now quantum physicists, are talking about the same experience, and so it seems quite natural for me to put those terms together: Quantum Forgiveness.

The major discovery of quantum physics, several decades ago, was the idea that there was not an external world outside of consciousness. I was quite excited with these discoveries that support the interpretation that there is no world outside of the mind of the perceiver, that everything is completely unified and there really is no separation. Everything is completely connected; everything. This is the same experience that Jesus points to in A Course in Miracles, when he talks about a unified awareness, or a unified perception. He calls it the happy dream or true perception.

I am in a state of amazement and wonder at how there are so many roads that point to this same experience and it is my joy and happiness to share it. When we open up and start to come into the experience of deep peace and innocence, even when it’s just a glimpse, we have a strong awareness of never having done anything wrong. We see that we haven’t been wrong as human beings, and our perception shifts so that we see peace. The correction has always been there and it has always been available to us. All we have to do is accept it. We do not have to work it out. It is like a state of grace. That grace has always been our nature, and we must simply accept it. And then we see that there never was a problem.

We have always been perfect as we were created by God. We have always been perfect in our Source. Forgiveness and miracles are very natural. I would call them ordinary miracles. We want to go beyond the perspective of believing that there is a God out there somewhere. We want to come back to see that our home is right in our heart and we have never left; it is very ordinary and we do not need to have extreme signs and symbols. We just need to experience the comforting, peaceful, still awareness that is always in us. It is who we are.

David Hoffmeister
Excerpt from the book Quantum Forgiveness


self-realizationBlessings of Joy! It has been spoken in Great Wisdom: “For those who have the ears to hear, let them hear.” This is truly how Awakening proceeds in awareness: little willingness to little willingness in the context or soil of readiness. If you sincerely desire the Peace of God above all else, this experience is assured. It matters not what the conditions of the world seem to be, for growth and destruction are but illusory opposites made to distract the mind from the Presence of Spirit and the intuitive Guidance within. The progressive release of everything the ego seems to be and seems to hold dear is inevitable. Popularity and familiarity, so dear to the ego, are seen in Light to be vain pursuits and roads that lead to nowhere and nothing. Fame and fortune are fleeting concepts that combust in the Flame of Truth.

Shakespeare called this world “Much ado about nothing,” and there comes a point in Awakening when it becomes apparent that the world was invented or fabricated to make something from nothing as a substitute for Everything (Spirit or Eternal Love). From extremes of despair and disillusionment rises the Joy of the awareness of the Living Christ. Simplicity is no longer a far off goal, it is alive and spontaneous.

In my travels over the last 30+ years I have had direct contact with those who are loosening from the ego’s belief system and world and expanding in awareness and Joy. I find pockets of Devotion to Mysticism & Self-realization springing up in seemingly remote areas of the world. The deep teachings I have shared during these years have taken root in the hearts of those sincerely desiring Awakening. I feel their Call, for it is an expression of my Call, and we are Answered together. Some of the beloveds have appeared in spiritual communities, while others appear to live in remote, secluded spots around the globe.

The seeds of Self-realization are nurtured in the soil of uncompromising non-possession and trust in Spirit and in a total disinterest in control and materialism. What was once considered “successful in the world” becomes a chain that limits, and what was once considered “failure in the world” becomes the gateway opportunity for release and true freedom. For the mind focused on worldly conditions and appearances and outcomes, the gateway to true freedom remains hidden and obscure from awareness.

Autonomy and dependency and the personal/interpersonal perspective cannot stand the Light of Unconditional Love. Error dissolves in the Presence of Truth. Complexity gives way to Trust and the Simple and the Easy.

Those who desire the experience of lasting Peace have it, and those who seem to resist the experience seem to experience something else. The temporary symbols of the world can be used by the Spirit in a temporary way, though the Purpose is always to transcend the need for them. Those who cling steadfastly to self-concepts of ownership and control and possession will resist the Light of Truth, while those who surrender the attempt to protect the self-concept shall find release. The universal service of the Spirit is a State of Mind and cannot be experienced by attempting to shift and change the forms. You can change your name, the Spirit is still the same. You can burn the symbols of the past, but until the belief in separation is released the misidentification with the symbols will remain in awareness. You can attempt to run away from Love, but the soul can never rest in changing forms and appearances. Rest and contentment are natural in Embracing and Accepting and impossible in resistance.

In Loving Peace and Tranquility,
David Hoffmeister

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