Quinta del Sol

Quinta del Sol (QDS)

QDS is another spacious co-living property, overlooking the mystical “Lake Chapala” and is located approximately 10 minutes from La Casa de Milagros by car. It offers a quiet and restful space for an intimate group to come together in their call for Awakening.

Room Options & Costs

There are two spacious private rooms (for a single person or a couple) as well as a spacious shared room. All rooms have access to shared kitchen and laundry facilities. Please click here to find more information about what’s included.

To see a visual overview showing what rooms are available in QDS, click here.






Angel Room

Very spacious room on the first floor with a high ceiling, king-size bed, couch, desk and ample closet space.

$750 per month

($1000 for a couple)

Sunshine Room

A cozy and quiet room on the second floor with two full-size beds, a seating area, desk and ample closet space.

$750 per month

($1000 for a couple)

Twilight Room

Very spacious shared room for two on the second floor. It has two queen beds, a seating area for two, a desk, and ample closet space.

$500 per month, per person

(NOTE: This room can also be rented as a private room
for $750 per month depending on availability.
Contact us if you’re interested in this option.)


What’s Included

  • Monthly online retreat with David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles
  • All utilities and internet
  • Pool and gardener service twice a week
  • Cleaner service for common areas once a week

As well as your own room, you can enjoy the common area of this large property, which offers:


  • A luxurious swimming pool
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor area for working, meditation or relaxation
  • A beautiful garden with fragrant roses as well as a mandarine and pomegranate tree
  • A spacious open kitchen (fully equipped) and dining area, as well as an outdoor dining area by the pool
  • Cozy living room area with very comfortable chairs and couches
  • A fully equipped movie gathering room
  • Laundry facilities

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation (Local Uber, taxi and bus are very convenient and affordable options or you may consider sharing a rental car with your co-living residents)
  • Food and personal care. (Cooking your own meals or eating out are both very easy and cheap options)


Please Note

  • Co-living stays are available in month blocks that start on the first day of each month.

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