Awareness Center in Mexico

A Gathering Place Supporting the Awareness
of Our Divine Connection to Spirit and Our Brothers

We are currently closed for personal stays, but there are still lots of ways to connect in!

Experience the Gift of True Connection

Deepen in awareness of spiritual connection and present peace! Set against the charming and vibrant backdrop of Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, the Awareness Center of Mexico is the perfect place to nurture the spirit within by coming together with others who have a deep call for Awakening.

You will be welcomed by the community here who have devoted their lives to inner peace and to the remembrance of our Oneness. We invite you to leave the busy world behind and experience the gift of true connection when we come together with the Shared Purpose of seeing the Christ in one another.

Stay Connected!

“We want to come to the present moment, to the realization that right now, this very instant, one is perfect. It’s not a matter of trying to build up and improve one’s self.”

David Hoffmeister

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