Mexico Co-Living

Experience Co-Living with Purpose.

Co-living with a Purpose Is the New Way of Living

If you’ve ever been on a retreat with Living Miracles, you probably remember how expansive and heart-opening the experience was. When you live with people that share the same purpose and passion, you have more time to share your thoughts, emotions, adventures and growth together.

Co-living is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, collaborate, and share their experience together. The biggest value of joining a co-living space is access to the community. Co-living is for people who value a community of shared hearts and minds.

We have opened La Casa de Milagros to new residents with a shared purpose of living in harmony using a month-by-month rental of rooms and many shared resources (including fellowship, books, movies, music, online retreats, movie workshops, and in-person retreats).

We invite you to experience co-living at La Casa de Milagros, and open up to deep connections and a vibrant and purposeful way of being.

“We want to come to the present moment, to the realization that right now, this very instant, one is perfect. It’s not a matter of trying to build up and improve one’s self.”

David Hoffmeister

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